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Monday, August 16, 2004

Speaking of diners...

Speaking of diners closing, looks like Lunchbox didn't make it. I know it wasn't a diner anymore, but it's still got the look.

I never actually got around to eating there. I almost went in once earlier this summer after a long ride. I was all grubby and sweaty and just looking for a quick easy diner. I knew I'd seen this place so I parked in front and almost walked in before I glanced at the menu and saw braised rabbit. Peering in I saw little cups with thin breadsticks on the counter. Oops, this wasn't a diner, and I was so dirty I had circle of dirt around my eyes from the goggles, so I was in no condition to try this place out. Judging by the citysearch reviews I didn't miss much.

Too bad, it's a really nice space. Hopefully something good goes in there.

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