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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Post RW

I just love the color of those New York Post racks. I had a hard time framing this one though. I think the tigher crop is better.

New Ice Cream Truck Record

What's the most number of ice cream trucks in one spot when there's not even a little league game around? And what's up with people taking the PATH train that they need three ice cream trucks to satisfy the need? Don't they have ice cream in New Jersey?

Colorful Shoes

There was a blue tarp overhead making the colors a little brighter.

Wee Bee Kids

Another half n half photo. I just like the colors.

New Downtown info booth

I watched them slowly construct this all week. Kind of ironic that at a time when they're taking the subway clerks out of booths, including at Rector St., not far from here, they build a new booth and put a person in it. Generally speaking though, more tourist help down here is not a bad thing.

Resting ledge

I took this hoping to crop/zoom in on just the people sitting on the ledge, but the resolution isn't good enough for that, and I really like this composition better. For some reason I took a lot of half n half pictures today, although what really catches my eye in this one (and I didn't notice when I took it) is all the verticals.

Three card monty on Dey St.

Shell game guys took advantage of light police coverage in the neighborhood today. Farther uptown in Soho I watched one guy get arrested (not sure what for) and there were cops on every block, sending bootleg purse salesmen scurrying. Not sure what was going on today, but felt like something was up.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hudson River Twilight

I know sunset shots are cheesy, but I couldn't resist that long orange streak across the water. The others show the band on the pier with all the dancers and the sun setting -- or at least, that's what the naked eye saw. The camera didn't quite get there. Pretty night though.

High Heels ping pong

To be fair, they're wearing their salsa dancing clothes, so it's not like they got dressed up just to play outdoor ping pong.

You can just make out the red purse she has tucked under her arm.
Sorry, a point-n-shoot at sunset with moving ping pong players is more than the autofocus can handle.

Salsa Night

Great night. Fun time. It's hard to capture the dynamicism of all these people dancing. This old guy was getting down so hard it was a little scary.

Oh, and Edie Falco was there too.

Rockefeller Park

Battery Buggy

The good thing about taking pictures of everything is that just when you think you might be having a heat induced beach related hallucination, you can confirm that you're actually seeing a buggy on South End Ave.
(I waved before taking the picture, that's why her arm is in that weird position. She's waving back.)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Prince St. umbrellas

All of the venders of Prince St. shade themselves with brightly colored umbrellas. The real way to take this shot would be from one of those fire escapes. Maybe I could climb on the roof of an SUV, that would be a good angle too.

Holey Manhole

Ever seen a manhole cover crushed like that?
Dey St.

Handbag sale

Though I wish it came a little sharper, I really like this one.
Herald Square.

New skin

Unless I'm mistaken, they're re-skinning the building with glass.
43rd and 6th.

Made in the shade

One of my complaints about this camera is that it takes dark shots so grainy. I still like this one though. This is Lafayette, almost at Astor.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Before: Liberty Plaza Park

I already have a ton of pictures of Libery Plaza Park, but since it's finally being re-done I thought I'd take a few more for good measure. Interestingly, the print version of the Times story has a picture of the future plan. The Web version has "before" pictures.

Back in the olden days when I lived way uptown on 15th St. I came down here for a Yankees ticker tape parade. Folks climbed up into the trees to see the parade. I think that's what I most look forward to, though "double check" will be a treat.

Before: Dey and Broadway

I always get it in my head that I'm going to show before and after pictures and maybe that'll happen, but in the course of doing so I have a lot of before pictures just sitting around. I'll start putting them up I think, then I can just come back to them rather than keeping this archive.

In this case, you may have seen the NY1 report on the businesses getting the boot to make room for the new transportation hub on Fulton St.

The two businesses I feel worst about for this news is Cookie Island and the New York Stocking Exchange. The Exchange is just a really great store front. I always want to take a picture of it but... well, it's a little awkward taking a photo of a lingerie store. But since it's only got 90 days left, I may just go ahead and do it.

I only ate from Cookie Island a few times. I'm not a big fancy cookie eater, but I did like the idea of a small local place with such a specialized and singular product. He came in after 9/11 but managed to outlast the Mrs. Field's Cookies across the street (now a Cingular store) so it's really too bad that his business has to meet such an unnatural demise.

The World of Golf has been there since before 9/11. I remember coming home from work at the Fulton Street station and looking down the street with World of Golf in the foreground and wreckage of the trade center in the background.


Not the cleanest piece, but what great colors, and what a great contrast with next door.

No Exit

It's hard to read, but the sign above the second floor doorway says "Exit."


Space invaders

Lower Manhattan Cobblestones

Though I understand these are sometimes replaced with new ones, some of the stones in this stack could be 300 years old at this point in Lower Manhattan.

Bubby's watermelon lemonade

Thumbs up all around. Very yummy.

A hoop on every corner

You may have missed the news reports, but Mayor Bloomberg has decreed that dunk hoops be included as part of every corner's standard signage.
(Dear Nike, That walk sign totally needs an Air Jordan logo.)

Friday, July 22, 2005

Ice Cream Man turf war

On the way to dinner we saw two ice cream men on the same block, which seemed funny. The second one is on the left in the background.

Coming back from dinner, they were parked next to each other, each playing a different song and making quite a racket.

As it turns out, the guy who was there to begin with wasn't too pleased to share the space with the second guy.

The guy in the green is the first ice cream man. He's telling the second one to get lost.

I didn't stick around long enough to find out how it ends, but the movie practically writes itself.


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