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Friday, March 30, 2007

Oh! THAT's Pie & Thighs!

070324 059

070324 058


070324 112

070324 113

070324 114
Weekend photo walks in Williamsburg are so crowded with picture snappers that it's almost embarrassing. In some spots you have to actually wait on a line to take your picture. This is one such spot. I actually left and came back but the sun had moved too far west. I may give this another try in black and white or just wait for a better sky and go back to try again.

The shining throne

The shining throne

I've heard of green buildings but...

070327 014

070327 011

070327 010

070327 009
Park Ave. in the upper 20's. It's just insulation before they put the actual face on but still really striking.


070327 018

070327 016
240 Park Ave.
I has a really big feel to it. Maybe that's just the surroundings.

Renovate store to pizzeria

070330 002

070330 001
This is down on Bedford near N4th, part of that block with the bagel store. Looks like new pizza.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Passing STER

070324 051
Compositionally those letters on the left have a lot of pull. I have a whole series of these people walking across the scene but ultimately I think I'm just standing in the wrong spot for this to work really well.
Kent Ave.

Walking and reading

070324 102
Williamsburg Bridge

The bar crowd

070326 008

070326 004
Greenpoint Ave.
I had to use the sidewalk as the tripod so it looks a little like I was passed out drunk when I took this picture. I took a ton of them but still couldn't quite get the flashing BAR sign right.

Looming face

070324 063
I haven't read anything about this building going up on South 4th and Roebling but it seems like it has the opportunity to present a pretty dramatic face given the way this little street opens it up to a nice square view from the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge.

Mean girls

070324 098

070324 097
I don't actually know these girls or whether they're mean, but if you saw the movie you know what I'm talking about.
Lower East Side

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How 'bout that

070327 025

070327 024

27 responds to his critic here.

So apparently it actually is the case that someone from Minnesota came all the way to New York and is now acting on a 7 year old grudge from when 27 was 14 years old.

What's most annoying is that in this case, he saw it before I did, so I only have the overwritten one.


070327 023
61-77 Wythe Avenue/104-122 N. 12 St. is what the sign says, but I don't see anything at that intersection that even looks like a storefront. I'll go back and see if I can find the spot, but seriously, there aren't even really any windows to try to peek into.

LES flashback

070324 091BW

070324 091

Monday, March 26, 2007

Blue sky

070324 083


070324 108

070324 107

Loading zone

070324 111
South 5th
Domino Buiilding

Multiple Sarcasms

070324 120
Another big movie being shot on Berry around N8th where Teddy's is. Multiple Sarcasms ( has a pretty good cast as far as celebrity spotting goes. Timothy Hutton, Mira Sorvino, Stockard Channing, Dana Delany, Mario Van Peebles

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The tools of progress

070324l 019BW

070324l 019
This is the condo they're building next to where I live. Eventually I'll have a really complete soup-to-nuts series.

Snake road

070324l 015
Lower East Side housing viewed from the Williamsburg Bridge. I'm not totally sold on this composition but the road loses some of its snakiness when I crop out the street light on the right.

Rescue me

070324l 010

070324l 011

070324l 012
Well, at least someone's finding a use for that building.

Maggie's Place

070324l 007
I almost never go out in midtown so all those Irish pubs are a mystery to me. When I'm in midtown it's on the weekend so these places are empty. Who goes to them, tourists? Turns out, on a Thursday starting at happy hour the place is packed with suits. It's 47th near Madison, so what's that advertising?

Looks like our man 27 has caught a beef

070324 075

I saw that one of the Deuce Seven pieces had been defaced so I went out to make sure I had a picture of that big one before it too was gone (again).
070324 042
So this guy is accusing him of snitching in 2000? The Village Voice article said he's 21, so in 2000 he'd have been 14... and living in Minneapolis. Are we to believe that a childhood friend has come to New York from Minnesota to harrass the artist by writing lame-ass initials on top of all the pieces? Clearly I'm missing something.

This would appear to be the response:
070324 043
While out I saw that others, though not all of them, had also been defaced by the same guy.

070324 044

070324 118
This one says "go home" which makes more sense to me in terms of why someone would resent him. It's pretty audacious to come to Brooklyn and write "Minneapolis" on the wall and be hailed as the new kind of NYC street art. If nothing else, this shows how silly the whole "splasher" drama was. Street Art by its nature is transient and contains elements of this kind of over-writing one-upsmanship. The artist is surely aware of this.

I wasn't the only one who wanted to grab a shot before it's gone...

070324 076

070324 074

070324 072

Party hats

070324 025
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Everybody's heard about the Word

070324 001

070324 002
It's not exactly breaking news at this point that there's a new bookstore on Franklin near Noble in Greenpoint. I have a before picture somewhere but I'll wait until the neighboring storefront is also occupied before I go hunt for it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Subway embrace

070318 045
E Train, 42nd Street


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