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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eternal line

080713 138
McCarren Park Pool lines were ridiculous this summer.

Marine One

080712 063
Not really a shot of anything but it keeps my eye busy with all the doors and details so it made the cut.

Cipriani Wall Street

Cipriani Wall Street from the 3rd story balcony

Cipriani Wall Street from the 3rd story balcony arrives at the Webby Awards

Carrying the Giglio

080713 031
The Giglio Feast is another one where I took tons of photos but then the weather was too nice the next day to spend it on the computer sorting photos so I went out shooting again and so on and I never got around to putting up all my photos of grunting guys in green shirts.

I'm in one of those phases right now. Winter is coming, light is short, work is ridiculously frantic, at least until the election, so I get home and I'm too tired to even unload the camera.

Flute in blue

080614 117
This was a huge parade and I took a ton of pictures and I think I only put this and maybe one other up in the Flickr stream. Some rainy day I have to go back and catch up on shots I just never got around to sharing.

The cheese department

080707 011

Monday, October 06, 2008

Busy intersection

080706 043
I love how there's a tree stuffed in that pipe in the front.

Open Open

080706 026
I wonder if this could have been framed a little more to the left to put the sandwich board triangle and the background sculpture triangle in better balance (or maybe find another triangle).


080706 024
A little too yellow, but lately I've been OK with a bit of tint.

The Batman

080706 021

Red is a power color

080703 004

Mom's changing table

080630 089

Stop stand back!

080630 088
I've seen this on a few photoblogs. I walked through the mud to shoot it, I probably should have walked through the mud a little farther and taken it closer - or cropped it.

Sidewalk bloom

080630 086
I have this in a tighter version but I think the larger context is a little more fun. Less heavy-handed.

Love and the pink umbrella

080630 035


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