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Sunday, December 31, 2006

At the bar

061230 005
Greenpiont, Brooklyn

Community meeting

061226 062

061226 061
With all the time in the world to compose this I couldn't decide how much grass should be at the bottom. I think it's too heavy for the composition in the lower photo.

Jungle path

061224 060

061224 062
Northern Florida. The road has a name, but I didn't write it down.

Old Neon

060728 011

060728 015

060728 014

060728 016

060728 013

The Turtle Shack

061226 065

061226 066

061226 060
Flagler Beach, Florida

Group picnic area

061224 057

061224 056
Marineland, Florida


061230 002
Rocking chairs in the Daytona airport.

Waiting for the ride home

061230 004Blog
Atlanta airport

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Washington Square drummer - spotlight

I thought the severe winter sun was casting shadows on this guy like a stage spotlight, so I was trying to see if I could get something that looked more like a stage than than the middle of a park. Results in order of satifaction.
061216 059a

061216 059

061216 058a

061216 058

061216 057

Washington Square drummers - audience

061216 053

061216 054
Actually, I guess there's just one drummer and a bunch of break dancers or acrobats or something. I like the faces. A little out of range for my lens, but still a nice display.

Inner Walls

061221 005
I'm going to have to learn the real name of this building. These walls are going into the building somewhere but it doesn't look like it's getting any taller (on this day).
"7 Berry" @ N7th and Berry


061216 048
This was a picture of the sun on the upside down chairs, but I caught more of the reflection than I expected. I'm keeping it as my token abstract of the week.
Houston St.

'They're wearing hats'

061222 067
St. Augustine, Florida

Cut-rate drive through

061222 091
St. Augustine, Florida

Barrier 13

061222 093
North Florida

On the road again

061221 008Road

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mirror mirror on the block

It's hard to convey what it's like to stand in front of a ten story mirror.
061216 041

061216 042

061216 043
This is that new condo in Hudson Square with the odd back yards.

Split street

061216 049BW
I've been thinking the black and white efforts I've made have been too gray so I leaned on the contrast more with this one. I think I like it better.

Thompson St.
Here's the color version for what it's worth
061216 049

Dinner at the bar

061218 004

061218 005

061218 003

Monday, December 18, 2006

N4th and Driggs above ground

I have photos of this as a hole in the ground from several months ago. I'm not sure what the hold up was but it looks like it's off and running now.
061217 017

Shepard Fairey blitz

It's probably not Shepard Fairey himself doing the posting, but lately there have been a lot of large Andre posters around Williamsburg. The first batch I saw were pretty quickly defaced, like this one:

But then these prettier ones started cropping up:

061216 045
This one's actually in Manhattan. Renwick St. I think. Hudson Square.

061217 029

061217 028

061217 021

I think these are from 2005, but I also know that Shepard Fairey did this batch himself.
061217 013

061217 016

Assorted graffiti round up

061217 004
Above: I think this is pretty old, but it's fitting for the season.
Below: MOTUG -I think this was done this past summer. (Keap & Hope, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
061217 009

061217 010

061217 011

061217 012

And I learned from the link above that this is the one they did in 2005
061217 015

Below: Greenpoint
061112 049

061112 051


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