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Friday, April 29, 2005

Root Beer and Bagel

Murray's near 23rd

Liberty Park

I may have mentioned this before, but for the longest time I thought the guys playing board games were the drivers are the black cars parked waiting for executives on the WTC on Liberty Street. Turns out its a regularly meeting club. I haven't seen them yet this season, but probably soon as the weather warms.


From the Brooklyn Bridge

On the road again

LaGuardia Airport

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


At Nassau and Pine there is an odd sort of function room. It's almost alwasy empty and the only events I ever see there are designer sample sales. I saw a flier that said they were having some kind of auction, so I think this is part of the set up for a fashion portion. It looks almost staged, with the dancer facing the radio, but the room is pretty clearly being worked on, so that's just coincidence.

Again I have the problem of blue light coming in through the window and yellow light from the incandescents inside. I tried one with no color, but it came out poorly.

George's on the cusp

Neighbors were excited to see this week the removal of tarps and scaffolding from around the building where George and Sons Diner once stood. It has three floors instead of the original two. That top crown was a surprise.

I don't have a very qualified opinion of outdoor light fixtures, but these seem like a nice touch. I'm a little afraid of how long it'll take some drunk fool to try to hang on one, but for now they look nice I think.

And perhaps the best news of all is that there's George himself, talking to the mailman about how things are progressing. So I think it's safe to guess that it really will be a diner, not a Rite Aid or a deli or a pizza place.
One thing I forgot was to ask him if he's bringing back the huge orange neon sign.

Food pyramid

Pearl St.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Chrysler building elevator

Nice touches in the tower elevator of the Chrysler Building.

Joe's Pizza

You may already know that Joe's pizza on the corner moved out. I happened by there not long ago and was interested to see that the building is wood with a weird faux brick surface. I never really thought about it, but I would have guessed it was brick with a zillion years of re-coated paint. Now I wonder even more how old the building is.

MS Walk

This is from somewhere in the middle of last weekend's MS Walk as it reached Hudson River Park. People as far as the eye could see.

Tree shopping


Purple ribbon


A box of fire hydrant tops.

Light Wall

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Wall Street tree trimming

I'm doing a little housecleaning. I happened to be there when they were decorating the big tree in front of the New York Stock Exchange last Christmas. I took a bunch, but this is probably the best of them. The two things that struck me was the sheer size of the tree and the interface between the real people decorating and the fake people on the building. Decorating vs. decorative.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

More hip shots

These are no-look photos taken with the camera held down by my hip. Contrary to what the number may seem to imply, I was a little more selective in what I posted this time. I'm still getting a feel for what I like in these.

One thing I forgot to mention in the earlier hip shot entry is that pary of what made me want to do this was a photo exhibit I saw of shots taken of people while they watched a train line being dismantled (in the 1930's?). It was just people sitting and looking, but that was enough to get a sense of the time and the people.

I wonder how much of these photos I'm not appreciating because I live in the time they were taken so I take some of their information for granted. Anyway, while I don't think the Smithsonian is going to come knocking any time soon, I do think that people photos deal on more levels than just the aesthetic (an elementary statement, but such is the way with self-teaching).

He's describing an item of clothing, particularly how it fit the bust.

Holding the camera too low can feel a little "upskirt" if you know what I mean, but I like this one for the word on the bag. If I push the replay button with this woman spring to her feet with new energy?

Cell phones are surely one of those things we don't notice now that future generations will smirk at.

When I walked past they were speaking animatedly to each other in Spanish. It's strange to me that the photo came out showing them barely even looking at each other.

She is wearing holey jeans similar to the ones in the window.

What colors! Did the woman with the orange hair know she was sitting in front of an orange door?

This photo came out way too disorganized, but this old couple was really cute. It looks like the subject is the blonde woman, which I think makes this shot best appreciated for its symbolism than for its composition (unfortunately, one out of two doesn't make for a good photo).

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

American folksinger

OK, the flag is a bit much. I really love this street though, and I was pleased to find a way to get the guitar woman as part of the overall streetscape.

Little Old Lady

It looks like the tax day photos are going to come in pieces. This lady was the literal definition of little old lady. She was maybe 4'8" tall. The pamphlet she was handing out read, "Heaven speaks."

Seattle, a study in contrasts

Seattle weather is like a box of chocolates...
Different bridge, same steering wheel cam.

Seattle Public Library III

Nice colors

This is my favorite shot of the bunch. I can play with the color to make it straight white and black, but that yellowish color of the sun is really there and removing it makes it look like he's working in a lab.


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