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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Taco oasis

The tiny taco stand that cooks out of the back of the kitchen of Monsigneurs Italian restaurant does a pretty good business for something that is almost literally a hole in the wall. I haven't tried it yet, so I'm not sure if it's the food or the prices that draw the crowd.
In the top photo the camera exaggerated the circle of light cast by the street light, but who am I to argue with the camera?
Nassau ave betw. Guernsey & Lorimer

Light at the end

Driggs & Lorimer

Baseball serenade

Working to solve the awkward re-size problem I have on this blog, I tried resizing before uploading instead of allowing the upload to do the resizing. I'm not sure it made a difference.

Berry St. Lofts get a neighbor

As the commenter on this post points out, the view from the brand new lofts there on the right is going to be pretty much ruined by whatever is going in here. It doesn't look like they left room for a garden or anything between the two buildings.
Anyway, N11th near Berry, "before."

Note to self: Try Columbine

This is the tiniest place and it always has a billion delivery bikes out front, prompting me to wonder if the quality of a restaurant could be judged by the number of delivery bikes it employs. The other day I passed by at lunchtime.
West Broadway @ White

Union Pacific

The person in the lower one is one of the delivery guys I think. I liked how his stripes point out all the verticals and horizontals.
Union Pacific is on Union Ave near N10th. Is this place related to Chat n Chew?

69 Grolsch

Wythe near N6th.

Motor Grrl Garage

Metropolitan Ave.

Love note

"Oh my god, you should keep that forever."

Random girls at the Seattle airport.

Tall Grass Bakery


McCarren Pool, Bloc Party

Best seat in the house...

Actually, that's not entirely a joke. The music sounded remarkably good from all the way across the park (depending on how close you're standing to one of those salsa-blasting minivans).

Friday, July 28, 2006

Highlights from my new commute

In no particular order, sites that I pass daily and watch for progress.

I don't actually know what the plans are for the parking lot here on West Broadway. Just the other day this one got the fence. A few days later they put in the trailers. You might have to look twice, but yes, the trailers are on top of the scaffolding.

There's a lot going on on Clinton, but this one is getting close to having its face put on so I always keep an eye on it.

If I'm not mistaken, they call the building below (under construction in the background) the Jay building, presumably because it's on Jay St. in DUMBO. I cross the Brooklyn Bridge and then take surface streets through Vinegar Hill. When I pass this I usually check out the scene in front of that little coffee house. It wasn't until I read about the "Jay Building" and development of DUMBO that I realized what it was.


Before living here I wondered how often new writing showed up on the walls. In just a few weeks I already see things changing. The other one of these that I posted earlier already has magic marker all over it so I decided to grab these two before they are also lost to time.

I predict big windows

N11 between Bedford and Driggs.
This is the one that overlooks the big lot below the park. I was trying to show the two guys at the top shooting a plume of dust into the sky but it's too far. Still worth having a "before" picture for this one anyway.

The yard at Relish

This view is from Metropolitan Ave.

A tree falls in Brooklyn

Berry St.


Leonard St.


I forget where this was. Franklin Street I think. Near Hudson.

How is vinotherapy not the same as... well... getting drunk? I looked it up. Looks like you sit in it instead.

Green shadow

West Broadway

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Golden Somethingorother Beach

Above: A fresh water stream runs from the hill into the ocean. Kids build dams and castles with moats. The water's freezing.
Below: There's some debate about whether this is a picture of anything. I say it tells the story of a day at the beach with the dogs. The counter opinion is that it's a shot of some guy's butt.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Basses in the window

Pickin' and Strummin'

Looking at them now, I'm wishing I'd taken one while crouched down so the photo isn't looking down on them, just to see what the difference is.

Farmers' market


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