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Saturday, April 29, 2006

United for Peace and Justice March, NYC

No lower Broadway bus service today.

Camera monkeys swinging from the scaffolding.

Farther down Broadway was a small group of counter protestors with the basic theme of "support the troops." I wonder what happens when they see actual troops walk by.

I saw a few "where's the media?" signs, but I saw a lot of media. Here's channel 2. Also saw telemundo and channels 7 and 4.

The last time I saw one of these, they carried coffins to represent the dead. This time they had a long string with photos of the dead soldiers.

Prince St.

One Union Square -south view

They had a view. Was I gonna not take pictures?!?



Old and new

This is from Vestry, pointing South.


Friday, April 28, 2006

Tribeca Drive-In

Since Pier 25 is gone, the drive-in is in the North Cove marina this year.

By the time I got upstairs to take the shot (above) the free popcorn lines had diminished some, but you can see they're really churning the stuff out. Free bottled water too.
The challenge with the shot below was getting the projectionist to show up in that dark window. You have to look close, but this was the best of the 4 or 5 I took.


The person for whom she was posing on the other side probably got a nice warm shot. Silhouette came pretty well too though.

People pointing

Kiss and cone

Shutter speed was too slow and I took it from across the street, but I was shooting at the colors, so I'm not too bothered by the bluriness.

92 Warren

Nothing particular about this, I've just been watching it go up slowly. It's one of those buildings with a preserved facade, so they basically built this building inside an old building and then up through the roof. It finally has no plastic and most of its windows, but down below it's still pretty messy.


Lunch ledge

Wrestling with the framing a little. I like the row of people in the sun, but looking at it later, I felt like there was some kind of dynamic between the stones and the people.

New windows, sunset included

I don't know why I always feel like it's an exciting event when the windows first go up on a new building. This is 200 Chambers. The building still looks pretty far from completion. Wired New York has a great photo of what used to be there.

Long awaited demo

Speaking of activity at Ground Zero, this is 21-23 Thames Street at the corner of Greenwich. It's directly across from the Deutschebank building, so I would consider it part of greater Ground Zero, but it hasn't been mentioned in any of the recent news I've read. After some mysterious work behind a lot of scaffolding, it's apparent that most of the building has been taken away.

The bottom shot was taken in mid March. I took it because for a few days there were those plastic boxes on the roof. I'm pretty sure those are decontamination tents. I remember that local outcry had put a stop to work until proper safety measures were implimented. I guess they got it sorted out.

The Groundbreaking

I've had a busy week, but not so busy that I wasn't going to get a photo on the first day of construction of the Freedom Tower. I don't think much construction actually happened today though. In fact, as much as I'm a fan of the back hoe, it seemed like an odd choice for the photo op since I thought the hole was already dug to either the bedrock or the tub bottom, but what do I know?

This shot is from the Liberty Street pedestrian bridge, but unlike Pitaki's cornerstone of a few years ago, the back hoes (and therefore presumably the Freedom Tower construction, are also visible from the Vesey Street pedestrian bridge. (The photo is awkward, but it's a good view for the naked eye.)

P.S. After outlining the footprints, there doesn't appear to have been much progress on the memorial (again, I don't know anything about constructions, so for all I know they're waiting for the cement to get hard), but I do like the look of 7WTC reflecting in the stagnant rainwater in the Tower 1 footprint (almost).

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The 7 WTC Halo

Given the affirmation of my good neighbors, I feel safe in saying that the crown of light on 7WTC is a new feature.
Meanwhile, this I took this last picture standing under the new surveilance cameras outside 10 House, so while I'm standing there waiting for a good low cloud, a couple of the guys came out to see what the hell I was doing. Not threatening or anything, just kind of wondering. I should have given them a Test of Will card.

News van

I've been practicing slow shutter speeds in the dark. I liked that the van had lights inside that were shining out. Kind of a flat picture though.

Grand Central


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