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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Link dump

I've been kind of computered out lately so I hadn't been keeping up on my regular NYC blog reads until today. There are a few links I want to keep track of for later so I'm just going to stick them here.

Gothamist interviews Reverend Billy. What's the deal with this guy all of a sudden? Seems like he's popping up all over.

Stark weather station clocks. Via Gothamist Weather, which also points to this really cool ozone chart which shows ozone concentration. I'm not sure what makes it "experimental" but I suspect it has something to do with the forecasting program. Of course, it may be that I only think it's cool because we were showing in the blue range. When it shows us choking on warmer colors, I might be less tickled with it.

LED street ads are disrespectful? I'm not sure the fact that an ad moves makes it any worse than a still ad. Surely the content is more important than the medium. I kind of think the LED ads have a Bladerunner quality to them. I'm waiting for the floating holographic heads that automatically greet me by name. As for the ads being too offensive for Ground Zero, don't get me started on the regular outrages I see committed there. Ads that move are low on the list in my opinion.

Andrea Strong sings Shea's praises.

The history of Lorem Ipsum.

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