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Friday, August 06, 2004

So THAT'S what that is!!!!

"I'm talking about forming a standard smart mob, similar to the group my friend Reverend Billy convenes every Tuesday to wander around the WTC PATH station, muttering the 1st Amendment."

At least a couple of times I've seen small groups of people reading passages of the First Amendment in the PATH station. They looked a little like a smart mob, but they also looked a little like some kind of performance group.

Here's the Reverend Billy he's talking about. Looks like he makes a regular stop of Ground Zero doing whatever they do. Concert? I'm a little familiar with the Church of Stop Shopping. Tbey're the ones who push "buy nothing day" on the day after Thanksgiving. I think I got some "Fear simple answers" stickers from them once too. I'm not sure how effective their protest is since I was had no clue who they were or what they were doing. I think part of the charm of a flash mob is that it comes out of no where and disappears just as fast. If you're protesting something, the whole point is that you want people to know what you're on about.

By the way, the quote above is from BarlowFriendz who is trying to organize a dancing-in-the-street flash mob to protest the RNC. Send him a mail if you want to be included.

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