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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Long shadow

070224 335

070224 335BW
Sometimes I'm able to switch to black and white to milk a bit more contrast and sharpness from a low quality image. It didn't work in this case. It was kind of a lucky shot anyway, so I can't be too grumpy, but the focus it not quite what I wish it was and I'm not sure the black and white helps all that much.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sunday's snow

070225 011

070225 010

070225 009

070225 017
Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

It's nice an all, but do you have anything closer to the BQE?

070225a 021

070225a 024

070225a 026
Maybe a better view of the roadway?
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Starting salary $7.50

070225a 041

070225a 042
In case you were curious.


070225a 043
Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Backyard snow

070226 005

070226 002BW

070226 002
I have a great "Read Window" backyard view, but I don't often post these photos in case a neighbor freaks out about it.
The color in the bottom photo is actually true to what the light looked like. Weird reflected city streelight halogen.

Secaucus Junction Station

070227 001

Reading by pizza light

070227 007BW

070227 007
The B&W came a little dark but the image quality started to fall apart when I played with it too much.
Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint (that's Russ Pizza)

A matter of angles

070227 008
Ok, so obviously I was in Tribeca yesterday. This is a progress check on the massive house they're building on the corner of West Broadway and North Moore.

Buster's leaves a sign

070227 014
I admit I kind of liked the populism of Buster's Garage, but one good thing about it leaving is that painted sign. Of course, whatever's going there will probably cover it up again.


This was two seconds away from being a photo of two guys taking down a huge sign with the words "Tribbles is here." This is down on West Broadway. I thought it was another bar because there was a sign about wine, but it's actually a home and garden store.
070227 015

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monsignor's remodel

070222 004
I've walked past a couple times when the door has been open and they are totally gutting the place. It had a pretty tired interior anyway.

Blind Tiger Starbucks

070222 005
The irony is that the new Blind Tigre Ale House location doesn't have its liquor license yet (as far as I know) so it too is a coffee place. And P.S. I just read on their site that they have birch beer on tap, so I may have to make a special trip there just for that.


070222 022
Sheradin Square

Outdoor hair salon

070224 322
Union Square

On the line

070225a 032
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

More Deuse Seven

070224 026

070224 025

070224 021

Not making friends with the neighbors

070225a 033

070225a 035
I was standing there taking the top photo, trying to figure out why there's that weird bevel in the the floor lay out (some kind of loft?) when a random local came over to tell me that at some point the rear wall of the building fell over onto the neighboring house (lower picture) crushing the roof. The old house was subsequently condemned and the residents had to move out - or so went the tale from this local. When I remarked about the odd looking diagonal corner on the new building he made a Bronx cheer.
(Random photoblogging note: Photoblogging with a baby in a stroller draws a lot more friendly reaction than walking around alone.)

Red house

070225a 039
I don't know what caught my eye. Even now I'm not sure what it is, but I still like it. I didn't do anything to enrich the colors. I think they're popping because the sky, though overcast, was pretty bright.
Humbolt St., Brooklyn

Brooklyn balconies

070225a 044
This must have looked like a better idea on paper.
Metropolitan Ave.

Pete's Candy Store

070225a 045

070225a 048
I have been waiting for there to be no cars in front of this place forever. The time of day was not quite what I wanted but you can see the lights a little. I watned to do a square shot but again, the light being a bit too bright meant that it would have been a picture of myself in the window.


070225a 058

070225a 059

070225a 057
McCarren Park

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

My goal for the day was to see if I could get some good candid faces. For the most part I tried to find a face in the crowd and snap it in between pillow boffings. It's remarkable how many people had huge genuine smiles.
Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007
This might need a little more Photoshop to warm it up, but I think it's my favorite from the day.

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007
I'm pretty pleased with this one as well. I thought I heard him telling a camera crew he is one of the organizers.

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007

Faces - Pillow Fight NYC 2007
These kids found boundless glee in attacking this guy with pillows. He'd run away and a trail of kids would follow behind. As he ran his pants kept falling down. Somewhere out there is a shot of his naked butt running from a swarm of pillow wielding kids. I was lucky to snap this one off quickly as they passed. UPDATE: OK, this video explains it.

View the full set here.


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