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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Waiting for the night bus

070429 022

070429 022BW

070429 021

070429 020
I took these in the dark, and rather than try a long exposure that would have come blurry because I didn't have anything to set the camera on, and rather than switch to a higher ISO, which is often too grainy, I kept a pretty fast setting and basically leaned on the brightening features in Photoshop. I'm pretty pleased with the result. It looks almost painted.

The ladies love the milling machine

070428 037
Grand Street.


070428 031
I'm not sure this works as well if you're not feeling warm spring air on a Saturday afternoon.
East Village... 12th and 1st or there'bouts.

Mr. Stuyvesant?

070428 025
Is it just me or does this guy bear an uncanny resemblance to the statue?

Black label

070428 012

Friday, April 27, 2007

Pizzeria view

070427 005

070427 004
We primarily patronize Val Diano for our pizza needs, largely because it's the kind of family business we want to have in our neighborhood, but to my taste, Italy Pizza farther down Manhattan Ave. makes a tastier product overall.

Trump's hole

070421 013
I don't know why I'm so drawn to construction sites. This one happens to be Donald Trump's new hole in the ground. Taken from Spring St.


070427 002


070324 087
I'm mostly putting this up to remind myself to think about how I'd do it better. I'm trying to show the drum kit in this basement church, but the light difference is so extreme. I reckon the real way to do this in a single shot without extra artificial light is to wait for a really dark Sunday morning.

Block party

070401a 003

070330 007

070330 009

070401s 001
Remember that liquor license for 61-77 Wythe Avenue/104-122 N. 12 St. and I couldn't figure out what building had that address ( It turns out it's really the entire half a block all the way through to the loading dock/parking lot on Berry. That's could be a really big club if it goes through.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

104 N8 Str. Mail

070324 030


070414 034

070414 035

070414 033
I like how busy this is, but I don't like that there's no real focus. It's not a picture of anything.

Brownfinger building?

070425 001

070425 002
It looks like the surface of the finger building will be brown terra cotta-looking tiles. These photos are from Monday, but given the glacial pace of construction on this building it probably doesn't look too different today. I didn't see any stacks of the tiles themselves. It seems like a heavy/brittle material to use on a facade so I'll be interested to see what it really is.

Old Monsignor's to be Mediterranean Bistro

070425 003
According to the fellow there in the black shirt the old Monsignor's space will be a Mediterranean Bistro, opening in about a month, "closer to June." No Starbucks/Bank/Drug store. Phew!

The president departs

070425 004
If I'm not mistaken, that's President Bush departing after a visit to New York City. Yes, those black flecks in the sky are helicopters. People in D.C. probably see this all the time, but I still think it's cool to look out the window and see the president fly by (opinions about the man himself aside).

Monday, April 23, 2007

Balloon heads

Balloon heads

Balloon heads
Some of the context is lost in the cropped version, but nothing that has any meaning in the photo so I think the tighter one is better.

Freshly painted flowers

Freshly painted flowers
A sure sign of spring

Sky high line

Sky high line

Sky high line

Sky high line

Sky high line

Sky high line
A while ago there was a plywood construction here that looked like one of those rock climbing walls. Turns out it was, as some guessed, a cement form. More interesting now is seeing them construct a building over the high line with this as one leg.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Twisted tree

Twisted tree

Twisted tree

Twisted tree

Twisted tree
I love the organic tree versus the linear fire escape but boy did I wrestle to get a composition I like. I think the black and white version is the better one but I also like the one with the street signs.

Taxi camouflage

Taxi camouflage
It almost looks like you could hail this lady for a cab ride on her motorcycle.

To get better Wifi reception

To get better Wifi reception

Spring petals

Spring petals

Drawn to the curve

Drawn to the curve

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sprinkler main

070414 019
If I had to do it again I'd frame it with the sign a little higher.

Destiny's calling

070414 026
I really shouldn't put this one up because it's a missed shot. Seconds before I had that guy gazing at the girl with springtime lust in his eyes and I missed it. Now you have to make up your own story with what I did get.

The tourist salute

070414 043
Obviously I spent a lot of time looking up and taking pictures, so I can't really make fun, but sometimes you'll see a group of tourists all with the same pose and it looks like some kind of religious ceremony or something.
070414 044

The Williamsburg Jumbotron

070408 019

070407 008

070407 007

070420 007

070418 023
With regard to the Times Squaring of Bedford and N7th, last weekend they put up that little TV screen. It took me a few days to get a night time "after" shot.


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