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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reindeer from space

061124 098

061124 096

S'more tables

Along with the usual popcorn and hot dogs, the Bronx Zoo has a make-your-own s'mores area where you cook the marshmallows yourself. Neat idea.
061124 101

061124 100

061124 099

Empty space

A rare look behind the construction wall on that huge lot at N4th in Williamsburg. This place just screams roller rink to me. Or something. Seems a shame that it just sits. Last activity in there was the removal of huge cranes that were afixed to the ceiling.
061126 017

061126 014

061126 015

Color shift

When I looked back at the Time Warner Center I thought either I was going crazy or the glass had somehow changed the color from when I was just inside the building. In fact, the colors slowly change.
061126 044

061126 042

No more

Wow, I didn't realize the degree to which they were going to gut this place.
061128 016

061128 018

061128 019

061128 020

Monsignor's closed!!

061128 023
We noticed it was shuttered over Thanksgiving and a few days later the real estate sign went up. I have to assume the taco place that worked out of the back is also closed. That's a real shame. Now comes the time to hope/dread what goes in there. Will it be a cool place like some of the other corners of the park (Luncheonette, Mamalu, er... Turkey Nest) or will the Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins trend that just went in a block away spread to this corner with another chain restaurant?

Subway love

061129 002

061129 001
It looks like he's giving me the evil eye, but actually he's looking at the approaching train. I snapped this just before the train pulled in.

Reading room

061129 007

061129 006
42nd Street

Parking pattern

061129 022Detail

061129 022
43rd and 2nd/3rd. Across from all those rental car places.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Decking the halls

061124 060
That's outside Paragon Sports on 18th.

Hasidim on the field

061126 002

061126 003
It never fails that when someone comes to visit they mention seeing Hasidic guys playing softball down the street. I stood and watched them play for a while and despite the fact that they play in collared shirts, they're about as normal as you can get. At one point the base runner going home ran around the catcher who was blocking the plate. The catcher didn't have the ball, but because the runner left the baseline, the defense argued that he was out. A screaming fight of passion and rage ensued, but in the end, it was just softball. As a consession, the runner went back to third and the game played on.

'7 Berry' already tagged

061126 008

061126 007

Meanwhile, this thing is going up so fast, my progress photos are outdated before I can put them up. Last week's steps:
061125l 003

061125l 002
Above, see all that light in the back? Is there a courtyard in there?

061125l 001

Kate's (no longer un-marked) Brooklyn Joint

061126 022

061126 024
Previously here.

Letting it hang out

061126 027
South 2nd St., Williamsburg

Guardian angel

061119 076
This is probably too dark to post, but I think the idea still works.
(Prince, I think, near Broadway.)

Nuts 4 Nuts

As I find myself taking more photos at night, I'm loving the lighting in the Nuts 4 Nuts carts. The short flourescent bulb over the service window creates a little proscenium. I almost expect to see a puppet show in there. Of course, the challenge is to take the picture of the vendor without freaking him out.
061119 084

061119 087

061119 088

061119 094

061119 103

061119 104

061119 105


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