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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No parking, no smoking

070128 015

Uncle Paulie's

070128 020

070128 022

070128 031
"Cookin' in Brooklyn" is the best sign in Brooklyn. Cute little building. I've never been out here when it's been open but I hope to get some shots of the place lit up. (By "out here" I mean Greenpoint Ave almost at the bridge over Newtown Creek.)

Coffee Shop

070130 005

070130 005BW

070130 004

070130 003

Fish Market

070130 008

I stood there for a while to get a shot with no cars in it but in the end I kind of like the way the blurs came out.
070130 006

070130 007

Esposito Pork Shop

070130 012

070130 011

070130 010

070130 009

Light and dark

070130 013


070130 014

070130 015

Yams on the G

070130 016
I have no idea why there would be four random yams on the subway platform.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Alien invader

070128 067

070128 066

070128 068

070128 070
It's a funny thing about street art that an old piece can suddenly stand out to you as though it's new, and a new piece can look like it's been there forever. That said, I really feel like this is new, but if it's not, that's OK because it's beautifully done. It looks almost like it was done in chalk first and then colored in, but what you can't see in the detail photo is that it's not chalky, it's like some kind of paint stick or something.

As for the artist, that one name looks like Faile, which is common in this neighborhood, although not for this kind of work. Also, I read here that one of the Faile members went to school in Minneapolis.

This is on the Mill Building. Wythe near N3rd.

Take back

070128 054
N7th St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A look around Williamsburg

070128 050
Urban Green condos? 142 N. 6th? I thought they meant the "7 Berry" building but I think that address is actually this big hole between N5th and N6th.

070128 065
It has glass. Hard to imagine this is only half as high as it's going to be. It already looks tall. It's going to look freakishly tall.

Speaking of N6th...
070128 060

070128 058
No real scoop here other than to note that the work being done involves renovating an eating & drinking establishment, so we can expect another place to eat on N6th.

Speaking of new places to eat on that block...
070128 061
I know better than to hold my breath for the opening of Alia, but it seems noteworthy that they've got a new sign and these new benches out front.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Girlfriends

070128 047Crop

070128 047
As much as I love the way the Empire State Building looks over everything that happens on this lot, I don't think the composition accommodates it well. (Although I don't feel so strongly about that that I won't include that framing as well.)

At the Newtown Crik

070128 025

070128 028

070128 027

070128 030
This is from the Greenpoint Ave. bridge. It probably has a name but I don't know it. For what it's worth, the focus in the Coral Queen photos held up well for the larger size views.

Brooklyn palette

070128 003
What's amazing is that the dumpster was surely painted somewhere else long ago and put here relatively recently for whatever job is being dumped into it.
Calyer St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn


As promised:
070128 051
If you click the photo it takes you to my Flickr account and should give you a number of size options for download.
(Backstory: These fine folks were struck with telegenic spirit as I happened to be passing.)

The King of Par is dead

070127 043
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Idiotarod 2007 - people

I've grouped my first batch of Idiotarod photos into three categories, people running, bewildered locals, and character shots.
070127 064

070127 068

070127 069

070127 063

070127 061

070127 061BW

070127 060

070127 051

070127 040

070127 037

Idiotarod 2007 - What the...?

I've grouped my first batch of Idiotarod photos into three categories, people running, bewildered locals, and character shots.
070127 041

070127 072

070127 071

070127 045

070127 042


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