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Friday, August 13, 2004

Pile of links

Dining in the dark Restaurants are turning out the lights to celebrate the anniversary of the big blackout. When I was out walking this past weekend I saw a place on Jones Street (on the W4th St. end) advertising their blackout party. I sense the makings of a long-lasting tradition.

I think the area of Soho around West Broadway should turn it into a neighborhood festival. That entire area was one big sidewalk cafe that night. Enchanted.

Lebowski Fest is having a pre-party tomorrow at the Knitting Factory. I don't think I'll make it, but in the interest of spreading the word for fellow downtowners, there ya go.

NY Diners Folks are talking about the closing of the Munson diner. What struck me about looking at the diners on this link is that I've been to almost all of the Manhattan ones. Of course, having lived on 34th between 9th and 10th, most of them were basically in the neighborhood, so I guess I had an advantage. Square Diner is on there too. Even though we eat at Gee Whiz more often, I think Square Diner is my favorite down here.

Architecture to look forward to at GZ? Yes please, let's have something remarkable down here. (via Curbed)

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