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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006

Tribeca camping

Roughing it on Vestry

Dude, where's my car?

No. Moore

I am legend

Folks spotting Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and all I got was this lousy sign.


Ordinarily I'd hate that blown out sky, but in this case I'm not minding it.
Greenwich St.
There were a bunch of restaurant workers hanging out. It wasn't quite dinner time.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Littering the streets

The real estate frenzy is such that the streets are literally paved with condo fliers.
(Actually, even though this is Nassau Ave in Greenpoint, the flier is for the Ariel Condos.)

That new one on Grand?

What's the deal with the new building on Broadway and Grand? It looks like some of the windows are colors and it looks like there are lights set in the face. Has it been lit up at night yet?

The Mill Building

The Mill Building on North 3rd never really impressed me much, though lately the setting sun has given it a nice glow. But the drawing of the roof deck complex looks pretty cool.
Below, early last month I took a shot of the back balconies. That turns out to be a pretty early before picture. We'll see what they end up looking like.

How it's done

I'll see your indistinct Williamsburg asbestos abatement sign and raise you a bright bold Williamsburg asbestos abatement sign plus red asbestos hazard tape. The kicker: The guy in the background is not wearing a mask.
North 5.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Police horse stables.


They must still be pouring cement in DeNiro's place.


I always thought the block of Laight Street next to the mouth of the Holland Tunnel would be a terrible place to live because of all the passing traffic. Remarkably, it's pretty quiet at street level. And what a remarkable restoration they did. If those cars weren't parked there you might be fooled into looking for horses and buggies.

Target shooting

I think the permit says "Target."

Beach St.

Bubby's kitchen

No. Moore

Monday, September 25, 2006

Disturbing on many levels

A personal shopper in a hearse
"Shop 'til you drop" on a hearse
making an appointment with a hearse
a hearse painted taxi cab yellow

Canal Street

I'm always struggling to get the camera to show what Canal Street looks like to my eyes. I think this is the closest I've come.

San Gennaro '06

Could there be anything less mob-like than an arrow shaped sign with the word "MOB" on it? Hysterical.

That's hand made.

Blocked in

The latest route home I've been trying is Houston to Bowery to Delancy and over the Williamsburg Bridge. It's been a while since I walked Bowery, but I did a double take when I recognized the green fire escape disappearing behind this new building.

I shot it last December.

It's probably silly to be sentimental about a fire escape, but it does seem a shame that it'll be lost to the inside of a block.
Prince St.
Speaking of construction on the Bowery, a block farther south A Loft Above Nolita is part of a cluster that appears ready to go on the market (hard to tell but doesn't look like anyone lives there yet).


At the time I thought the colors balanced well. Looking now, I'm not so sure.
Rivington Street.

Allen St. scraper

I can't keep up with what the latest project is that's outraging Lower East Siders, but this building on Allen near Houston is pretty striking. It's difficult to see, but in the lower photo, those first four floors are jutting out in a peculiar way.

From below

Changing from the G to the E at Court Square in Long Island City you pass under this skylight. It looks a little like the Citibank building but I'm not sure.


I was in a hurry or a would have taken this in more context. Not only does it have training wheels but it's about half the size of a regular moped. It's parked outside a sports bar.
Nassau Ave., Greenpoint

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Siller's run

Now that I know that this is a representation of Stephen Siller, I wish I'd taken the photo from the back as well with his name on it. I took this yesterday on Metropolitan Ave. Stephen Siller is the firefighter who ran through the Brooklyn Battery tunnel in full gear to the World Trade Center only to perish in its collapse. Today is the annual Tunnel To Tower run.

Significance aside, what a great sculpture. Amazing detail and a really remarkable sense of energy and motion.

Northside jamboree

Bedford Ave.


Berry St.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Washington St.

Bride crossing

Hudson St.

Out to dry



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