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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ramon the Magician

Walking to the pet store I came upon a crowd on Nassau Street. (For those not familiar, Nassau Street is closed to cars before 6pm, and evidence of how much better the city is when the streets are for people instead of machines. Anyway...) It tuned out it was Ramon the magician.

By making a scarf disappear before our eyes and appear up a spectator's sleeve, Ramon dazzled us all. The crowd erupted in cheers and laughs and exclamation.

My mission quickly became to get a good shot of the faces of the crowd.

This is probably the best one I got. Everyone is completely entranced as they wait for Ramon to pass a quarter through the back of Carol the audience member's hand and into that beer bottle.

I could cry that this came out blurry, great layers of faces. Those guys are actually pointing to the quarter passing into the closed end of the bottom of the bottle.

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