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Monday, October 11, 2004

Got him!

Before I owned this camera I saw Libeskind and Childs on Albany and West, with Libeskind making grand gestures at the sky and it killed me that I didn't have some way of documenting this seminal point in what would become the new World Trade Center. And it further makes me crazy that Libeskind's office is literally across the street from my building -for all I know my apartment looks into his office- but I've never seen him since then.

This isn't the clearest shot, but I still think there's some poetry to seeing the motion of him stride through the site like this. Next time I'll do better. I had to laugh at all the tourists taking pictures of everything everywhere and meanwhile here's probably the most famous person associated with the site short of Giulliani and he just strolls on by.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that Nina Libeskind (Danny's other half) in the background?

javier arbona said...

yes, that is nina


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