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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I wasn't going to post my Gotham Motorcycle Classic shots because frankly my eye is completely different when I look at motorcycles, and while the bikes are pretty, the photos really aren't. But, since Newsweek says choppers are in, and it's my damn blog anyway, I'm posting some of my motorcycle pictures.

This is the Indian Larry booth. The Rat Fink bike was there.

Check out that seat. I love those rims.

This bike is weird in a million ways. Weird tank, weird exhaust, and what's with a right side suicide shifter?

In this one we're looking at what an amazingly long tank this bike has.

That's a turbo unit hanging off the right side there.

I later saw a guy drive this. As pretty as this bike is, the guy was practically folded in half trying to reach the bars.

Cobra bike.

I think this was my favorite of the show. Not much clearance for turning, but I love that sinister look.

And that stretch. The front tire is in friggin' Brooklyn!!

Mohawk bike

I like that trick of putting the headlight underneath the triple trees.

If you saw the American Chopper Comanche episode, you recognize the long hair in the back there.

This is on the cover of American Iron this month.

For all the bad ass bikers and bad ass bikes at this event, the biggest bad ass is always the guy with the machine gun.

This is at the NYC Harley booth, just after the other burnout. No one needed to hold the bike for him though.

the headlight is mounted on the weird handlebars. not sure I like it, but cool idea.

This whole booth looked fast without even moving.

The thing's a rocket.

What drew my attention was the wide wide wide bars. The smooth look is nice too, all the cables run inside. But hey, no speedo, no mirrors, no wonder it looks so clean. Does anyone drive this bike or does it just look pretty? Humph.

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