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Friday, October 01, 2004

At the Car Wash(ington)

Back in Seattle, which means more WiFi in the air than oxygen so I can start to post some of the photos from the past week. Not sure if just doing once-a-day posting will catch me up or if I should just do a big photo dump. I'll get this post going and then run some online errands and see what I have time for later.

This set:
Before we left for Vancouver, we had parked under a street light with also happened to be a seagull port-o-john and the entire passenger side of the car was pretty crusty. If you know my wife, you understand that there was no way she was going to spend the next few hours looking through the digestive remains of whatever fast food dumpster this bird had raided, so first stop: car wash.

These could probably do with some cropping. I should have been more careful not to get the dashboard in there so they'd all look like the 4th one down. Anyway, nice patterns, fun series.


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