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Friday, July 09, 2004

Urban survivalists

The tone of this NYT story about a guy who lives in a tent in some undeveloped land on the border of Queens and Brooklyn is a little skeptical, but regardless, I think it's a cool idea. I remember a Times story (or was it the Voice?) about people who live in the tunnels under the city -the photo was of someone standing in a manhole in the traffic island on Houston Street.

Another time I saw a guy in a full rain suit on a huge brick of styrofoam lurking under the abandoned piers on the Hudson down around Village level. This was before all the prettying up they did over there. I always though it would be a cool idea to build and apartment of found objects and shipping flats on the river. Of course, you have to remember those house boats in the little area between Stuyvesant and the mini golf. That was the right idea there. I wonder what kind of mooring fee they paid. It had to be less than I pay in rent.

Did you see the photos of the park area where that Julliard girl's body was found not long ago? Morbid I know, but what an amazing place, overlooking the Hudson where it intersects with the Harlem River (I think). Would the park rangers really find you if you lived in a little hut out there? I guess they'd see the campfire smoke.

I know there are a lot of reasons why homeless people are homeless and the experience is by no means cool, but this city is so full of waste (discarded things that still have use I mean), and there are so many nooks and crannies, I bet an urban survivalist could set up a pretty cool life for himself.

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