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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Destination OTB?

The TV just ran an ad for OTB in the city and made it look like a cool (if cheesey) sports bar. The only OTBs I've ever seen were creepy run down places with a lot of undesireables milling around. I've never actually been in one (gambling always seems a little too much like simply pissing my money away), but they don't seem all that inviting. Could a restaurant be any better?

Looking at their site, there are two locations I'm familiar with. The first one, The Winners Circle looks about as bad as could be imagined. Is that a restaurant or a hospital ward? Actually, I guess it could be divier, but still, bleh.

But hey, The Yankee Clipper is an OTB place too? I've walked by it a million times. The photos still look pretty sterile, but I've always thought the place had character (from the outside).

Ug, this post has three "I've never been in but I've walked by it"s. I have a funny feeling that'll be an uncomfortable theme for this blog --like if I did less sitting on my ass playing with the computer and more going out, I'd be making proper use of this city. I'd also be broke and fat.

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