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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Trinity Boxing Club

For folks like me who saw this sign outside the boxing club on Greenwhich and were generally excited but unsure of what it meant exactly -and who unlike me didn't get a chance to check it out - the grudge match was two members boxing with full head gear on.  The price was $20 bucks and from what I could tell when I popped in, the fee got you in to stand next to the ring while the fellows fought.  No chairs or stands or anything frilly. 

The club didn't do a very good job of hanging sheets in the windows to block the view to non-payers, so you could also have stood on the stoop on Carlysle Street and watch from there for free in just about equal comfort. 
Folks who walk by the place regularly are also familiar with this sign
 which says that the Trinity Boxing Club is the "Home of the Contender."  I remember when they first opened and there were tons of guys in there who were clearly trying out for something, and it turns out I was correct in guessing that it was the reality show The Contender.  While I was in there asking about the Grudge Match, I also asked if there was any further connection to the show than those early days of try-outs.  Nope.  I guess a few days of try-outs is all it takes to call yourself the "Home" of something.

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