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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Of course I went

Of course I went to the Siren Music Festival.  As a cheapskate with little regard for personal comfort, a free music festival where I can stand for hours in the blazing sun listening to bands I'm not familiar with is perfect for me.
Since I don't know how to post multiple pictures at once, my shots of the day are individual posts below.
Favorite quote of the day: 
Beach employee #1:  "Everyone has one of these.  Ouch!" (indicating nipple ring area with complaining tone)
Beach employee #2:  "Stuuupid."
Second favorite quote:
"Shoot the freak in the freakin' head!"
followed later that evening by
"Shoot the freak in the freakin' ass cheek!"
--Carnival barker selling turns on that controversial game where you shoot a painball gun at a real human.

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