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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Prince is king

We saw Prince play MSG tonight - a spectacular show. Two things surprised me. One is that we just saw Eric Clapton play a few weeks ago in the same place, and the show even had a similar format, mixing in old classics and taking a break in the middle of the show for an acoustic interlude. What was most remarkable about Clapton's playing was the sheer precision of his finger movement. The guy is textbook and so clean.

But after seen Prince tonight, I'm thinking that cleanliness might have been bordering on sterile. Prince's playing was positively sultry. His blues riffs were more soulful, more melodic. Clapton fans, you might want to sit down... I think Prince is a better guitar player. A little bit messy, not quite as much control, but all around better I think.

Surprise number 2, although I guess it shouldn't have surprised me, Prince has a huge hottie following.

Bonus suprise... y'know how sometimes at big shows you can't help but watch the screens instead of the stage because the picture is easier to see and, let's face it, we're pretty accustomed to staring at screens? Well for this show I hardly looked at the big screens at all. Prince is that watchable.

Meanwhile, this is the second show I've been to where I wished I'd brought my camera. For some reason I feel like I learned that you're not allowed to bring cameras to an event like that, but there were tons of cameras flashing in there, not to mention camera phones. They check bags on the way in, but I didn't see them confiscating anything (at least, not cameras).

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