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Friday, July 30, 2004

Bye Dan

Dan's going to London. Since everyone at works lives somewhere else, the middle ground was a highly recommended Mexican place called Charritos (First and Washington). For those not familiar, from the Path station you walk into town a couple blocks and two block to the right. Piece of cake, and it isn't really in that conentrated part that makes you afraid to go to Hoboken in the first place.

Charritos isn't Cali-Mex like Benny's or Tex Mex like Chevy's (which is also corp-Mex, so bleh), it's that real kind of Mex-Mex. The owners are from Oaxaca. I had a burrito. Excellent. Other folks had, among other things, enchiladas and kept remarking on the spiciness, so take note.

Other notes on the restaurant and the rest of the night are in the photos below. And now if you're stuck in Hoboken for some reason and looking for a place to eat, you have one.

The guy makes the guacamole right there at the table. The bowl was a bit coarse and I'm not sure if the faux authentic roughness worked on me, but the general presentation (and final product) was great. Avocados there on the right, then onion, then scallion, then... not sure, peppers of some kind? and those are limes in the last bowl.

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Anonymous said...

the faux roughness of the bowl actually is not faux at all- it's made of volcanic stone. most "real" mexican places use these (and make the guacamole at the table) in nyc.. and in mexico.


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