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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Left out of Hamilton coverage

I should know better than to expect that if the local weekend news is going to cover something that I will do so in a complete fashion, but still, it was a little annoying seeing every station covering the Burr/Hamilton shoot out in Weehawken with no mention of the singnificant NYC Hamilton landmarks.

For all the fuss in Weehawken, there was almost no hype around Hamilton's grave.

kinda hard to see, tricky light this morning before the rain.

Actually, Trinity Church was having some to-do over it. In this shot you can see that in fact there is some hype around the grave.

One other really wicked cool factoid about the Hamiton duel is that the public can view the pistol that shot him. where? At One If By Land. My wife and I went there on Valentine's day and literally sat next to the dueling pistol that killed Hamilton.

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