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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Motivated owner

This person has been freaking out on these signs for a few weeks in Battery Park City. Yesterday was the open house, I wonder how it went. I'm pretty sure the earlier price was 750k.


jay said...

These have been up for at least a couple of months. Seems like a "too good to be true" situation. The general speculation is that the maintenance fees are through the roof (even more so than most BPC locations).

NYT Junkie said...

No speculation necessary -- that building is Cove Club, 2 South End Avenue, notorious for ridiculously high common charges. The built-in townhouses are beautiful units (this is apparently a normal 2BR), but sellers have to subsidize the buyer's common charges for 3 years to move them along. See recent NYT ads for details.

This poor guy must be getting killed.

Anonymous said...

most retail for around 708k and the fees are 1800 a MONTH...

good luck unloading this one.

jay said...

So I guess if I pay $725K, I'd be subsidizing my own common charges?

Haven't seen these signs recently...


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