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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Marina dredge

The Battery Park City Broadsheet says $2.4 million to dredge the North Cove marina by May when there will be some kind of big boat race.
As you can tell by the number of photos I took, it's a very cool spectacle. Very messy, very noisy.


Anonymous said...

Any plane parts drug up? Cool photos.

Will said...

It's all pretty much sloppy black muck. I wouldn't expect to see plane parts for the simple reason of the angles at which the planes hit the towers. The Winter Garden was destroyed by falling debris but the World Financial Center buildings probably did a lot to protect the marina. That said, the whole esplanade was at least ankle deep in dust, so surely there's a good amount in the water. I wonder if the whole river has that black muck on the bottom or if that's what 9/11 dust looks like when it's been sitting underwater for a while.

Anonymous said...

Great sequence!!


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