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Saturday, April 15, 2006

What's going on next to Bubble Lounge?

Just as I was about to ask Curbed I found this:

"230-234 West Broadway - Tribeca West Historic District A commercial building designed by Louis Kogan and built in 1954, and a utilitarianstore and loft building with neo-Grec style elements designed by M.H. Scott andbuilt in 1870 . Application is to demolish the 230 West Broadway and construct a new 6-story building, and alter the ground floor of 232-234 West Broadway. Zoned C6-2A"

The neighbors who are already worked up about bar noise are going to love this destruction/construction project.


Anonymous said...

Here's the curbed post on it with a link to the tribeca trib arcticle.

Rendering of the first proposal here:


Anonymous said...

Another thing, have you got any new photos of the De Niro hotel on Greenwich?

I posted on curbed that the murky brown bricks made it look terrible but I like it now that it has most of the windows in.


Will said...

Thanks VDH.
Regarding the DeNirotel, I haven't taken any since they first started peeling off the plastic. I was at Bubby's this weekend and it looked like there was still plastic flapping down the block, so I'll give it a few more days before a final "after" picture. I have to wonder if they're shooting for the film festival to open, in which case the place could be a real celebrity epicenter. That might be too soon, but it would be the ideal "after" photo.


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