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Monday, April 10, 2006

7WTC gets trees and hoodlums

I stopped by 7WTC to check progress on the plaza because I'd seen a shot of it with the fountains on. They've got trees planted now, as well as a gang of young toughs smashing things with piping found on the site. I don't want to rain on anyone's construction-material-ninja-fight, but it's pretty ironic that just two weeks ago when I was here taking "before" pictures the security guy yelled at me for crossing the construction line, and then I come upon these kids tearing up the place with nary a finger-wag. Humph.


Anonymous said...

that's because you didnt wield a ninja camera

Anonymous said...

Let’s see….. you’ve just finished installing expensive fixtures for a city project. The kickbacks and overages weren’t as high as you expected. What do you do?

You pay some kids 20 bucks, and distract the security guard for 10 minutes… now you can sell and install a few more lights and other fixtures. Perhaps getting the city to "upgrade" to tamper proof fixtures.

Welcome to NY.


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