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Monday, April 03, 2006

Live to skate another day

I didn't realize how much was being dismantled along with Pier 25. The skate park isn't demolished like the pier though, all the pieces are labeled and numbered so it looks like they're planning to put them back together at some point. (You'll recall the park had two parts, a half pipe with some street ramps, and a separate bowl.)


Anonymous said...

where is this park exactly?

Will said...

That's the Hudson River esplanade just north of Battery Park City. You can see Battery Park City in the background. The technical cross streets are Hubert and No. Moore.

The skate park came after Google Maps took its picture, but if you look here, the small structure on the water was the boat house (now demolished) and the skate park is/was right next to it.)

If you've ever looked downtown and seen a red umbrella on the side of a building, that's the office building on the other side of West Street.


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