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Friday, April 28, 2006

The Groundbreaking

I've had a busy week, but not so busy that I wasn't going to get a photo on the first day of construction of the Freedom Tower. I don't think much construction actually happened today though. In fact, as much as I'm a fan of the back hoe, it seemed like an odd choice for the photo op since I thought the hole was already dug to either the bedrock or the tub bottom, but what do I know?

This shot is from the Liberty Street pedestrian bridge, but unlike Pitaki's cornerstone of a few years ago, the back hoes (and therefore presumably the Freedom Tower construction, are also visible from the Vesey Street pedestrian bridge. (The photo is awkward, but it's a good view for the naked eye.)

P.S. After outlining the footprints, there doesn't appear to have been much progress on the memorial (again, I don't know anything about constructions, so for all I know they're waiting for the cement to get hard), but I do like the look of 7WTC reflecting in the stagnant rainwater in the Tower 1 footprint (almost).

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