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Monday, April 03, 2006

Closing in Teardrop Park

I've been waiting to see the mirrors on top of the new Verdesian building actually do something because I have a hard time picturing them working. Looking at the pit for what I assume is another building going in, at least I can finally understand the need for mirrors. If a big building goes in here, Teardrop Park is going to be pretty dark.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading the articles in the local papers about how the new building would be C shaped and that teardrop park would extend into that C. Thus they needed those reflectors to get light into that three sided courtyard.

I thought you kept up with the local news mate


Will said...

Ha! Y'know, I do remember reading something like that. Not the C shape, but that the mirrors would light a separate park across the street from Teardrop Park. That's what I thought they were building on this site before it was such a hole. The hole isn't C-shaped, but I guess that doesn't matter.

None of this changes the fact that Teardrop park, already a pretty shady spot, is going to be dark all day if the new building has any height to it.

(Tsk, now you've got me wondering. I'm going to have to go dig through the Downtown Express archives.)

Will said...

OK, here's what I got:

"The building will be configured in a U-shape with three sections of differing heights. The river-facing west wing will rise 15 floors above street level, and the city-facing east wing will rise 13 floors; both will feature landscaped roof gardens and sitting areas for building residents and their guests to enjoy. A 31-story south-facing building, housing a magnificent four-story glass enclosed lobby, complete with concierge and doorman, will connect the two wings."

See also Wired New York with a rendering of the interior courtyard (to be lit by the mirrors a.k.a. Heliostats), the only such rendering I could find.

Some cross section renderings on the architect's site.

Anonymous said...

You could only find it at because wny is the BEST site around for just anything about new york.


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