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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I always thought the block of Laight Street next to the mouth of the Holland Tunnel would be a terrible place to live because of all the passing traffic. Remarkably, it's pretty quiet at street level. And what a remarkable restoration they did. If those cars weren't parked there you might be fooled into looking for horses and buggies.


Anonymous said...

this street would be 2000000x better if Wetlands was still on the corner.

Will said...

That place is so lost to time I could barely figure out where it used to be. I was trying to remember... There was always the deli on Canal, then it was one... two blocks to Wetlands? I remember you had to go up some steps to get in the door. Anyway, I don't see any traces of it anymore.

Anonymous said...

wetlands would be just a smidgen to the left out of the picture...across varick.. corner of varick and laight... it's some swedish furniture store now..there was a ramp and stairs to get in.

Anonymous said...

hudson and laight i mean


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