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Friday, September 08, 2006

Puffy clouds

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Susana Colucci said...


I am the God that does not scare
I am the true God
who approaches me and I want
of muscle and heart like all

Without crossings nor property of I beggar
I am like you, alive equal, like equal
I do not kill, nor I lend for yields
Master to the humanity and I fight for her

I am present in the lively life of the reality
I do not hide myself under a special mantle
I am hermit by my own destiny
I am expressive in rigorous accounts

When therefore the nature demands me,
I pardon and hatred as it is normal
no threat in saying the truth,
I really say it, truth and in property

I do not accumulate what I do not need
I am present at every moment of my existence
without getting involved in the other people's life, without taking spaces from anybody
I am not the God of the darkness, my light is similar and particular to the one of anyone

For that reason I am God of existence, I do not invent myself nor I disappear
I do not enjoy of camber like being special
For that reason I am God of authenticity

I am God Earth and Sea and I undo myself like all the beings who surround to me
I am not a fugitive of the universe!
I am the God that we all want and carry inside, perhaps the same God?

Francisco Alarcon



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