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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Signs signs

P. J. Clarke's coming to World Financial Center marina this summer. As I recall, the place that was there before was called Moran's, but I don't think it was related to the one up on 10th in the teens. I ate there once, but only had a chef salad.

94 Greenwich now has a sign, Cafe Bravo. I don't know, does that sound like another deli? I'm clinging to the belief that it'll be a cafe as in coffee house, not cafe as in steam tables.

George's sign going up. Not a bad one. "established 1950" It's not the old one though. I wish I had a photo, but the old one was a huge orange neon job that wrapped around the corner. "George's and Sons Luncheonette" I think, with something like "sandwiches" and "orange juice" written smaller. I think the sign survived 9/11, but there was a bad storm not long afterward with high winds that broke the neon.

UPDATE: Huge thanks to the commenter who left this link showing the orginal George & Sons sign. Wonderful.


Anonymous said...

You can see a picture of the original George's on the New York Public Library digital database, which is an incredibly cool place to find local images. I found this one by simply doing a search for "Rector" and "Trinity":¬word=&d=&c=&f=&lWord=&lField=&sScope=&sLevel=&sLabel=&total=12&num=0&imgs=12&pNum=&pos=6#

Will said...

Wow, that is really great! Thanks for the tip. I added a photo from 1929 to my earlier entry about 94 Greenwich Street too.


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