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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Jaques Torres Chocolates

I don't know how many of these devices are actually used in the chocolate making and how many are there just for the Willy Wonka effect, but I really like this big silver ball.

Straight outta Belgium.

Judging by the press release on their website, this place opened last November, but somehow I missed it. Lately I've been keeping an eye out for the local chocolate places, so this was an exciting find. Even more exciting is that the chocolate lives up to the hype of the shop's presentation. I came home with a small bag of dark chocolate covered corn flakes. Outstanding!

The lambs in the last photo are about the size of a boot, hollow, with no bottom. As chance would have it, parents had bought a pair of them for their two kids while I was in the store shopping. Everyone in the place got a good chuckle out of the kids trying to figure out how to eat something so big. They basically just picked it up and tried to get their little mouths to bite straight through the top of the head, with slow progress.

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I'm from Belgium, hope you like our chocolate :)


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