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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bouley unveiled

David Bouley's TriBeCa cooking school/market, previously mentioned here, appears to be open. We just got back to the city tonight and I thought I saw people in there. There's bread in the windows. Some parts look like they're not quite finished however, and there's a note on the door that says class start mid-June.

I'll find out tomorrow if it's actually selling.

UPDATE: The sign on the door says "Come in we're open." They've got baked goods in there, but one display case is still empty, so they're not quite at capacity. While I was in there a guy was asking if there was any soda or anything for sale to go with the little item he'd purchased. Nope.

Here are some daytime photos since last night's are kinda dark.

I took this second one because it has the name on the side of the van. Unfortunately it also has a chef climbing on a dumpster in the background. D'oh!

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