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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Is the place at 77 N 6th open yet?

Because they've been doing so much tinkering with the outside I've been watching for the place to open. I heard it was going to be sushi or Japanese of some kind. Last night the windows were uncovered and in one windows were dishes appropriate to that kind of food. In the other window were cooks, but I couldn't see if they were cooking anything and I don't recall there being any big opening announcement.
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060830 007

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Anonymous said...

Must say the Flicka thing is less enjoyable than just clicking on your photos and having them appear in their own window. Perhaps Blogger Beta would afford easier uploading, since they are trying to get everyone to switch over voluntarily. It has seemed that Google has made regular (not beta) blogging more difficult to entice the change over. I have found Beta to be mush more upload-friendly.

Anonymous said...

much too


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