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Monday, October 16, 2006

One more test

061015 041
I don't really like how Flickr posts the photo on my behalf, but it looks like it's not too hard to insert the code myself for a cleaner posting.


Anonymous said...

Not quite clear to me what you are doing here... the first, smaller photo of the boarder is much sharper... this second post is strangely unfocused.

Will said...

Yeah, you're right on that.
Here's the deal: The original photos are really big. When I upload them they're automatically resized. Every time they're resized, the picture distorts a little.

My problem is that I like the photos on the blog to be big, so I tried to reset the size when I posted. But that makes it a resizing of a resizing, which is a bit too much for the photo to handle.


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