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Monday, October 30, 2006

Operation Billow

This is sort of a failed experiment, but since I went through the trouble I'll post the photos. Last week I saw a building under construction on North 1st and Wythe with huge tarps blowing in the wind. They reminded me of what I'd read about the IAC building being meant to represent wind in sails. So I got the idea that I'd put the two up against each other. Now that I've done that, I don't think they really evoke each other as much as I thought.
061022 012

061022 014

061022 016

061022 017

061022 019

Here's the building this past weekend with no tarps and brand new windows.
061028a 083

061028a 084

All jokes about upside down windows aside, this IAC building is really something to behold. Every few degrees that the angle changes gives a new impression.
061029 002

061029 004

061029 005

061029 006

061029 007

061029 008

061029 009

061029 010

061029 012


Anonymous said...

Billow project - you sure it wasn't Christo doing another work of art?

The IAC building is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT believe you have pictures of this! my husband and i drove by it the other day and were AGOG! I couldn't believe it wasn't a trump l'oeiu covering and it was actually a building. You've got SUCH a great eye and I love your webpage. It's such a comfort.

Admin said...

that is such a great looking building. Truly deserves to be called a landmark.


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