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Sunday, July 02, 2006

I moved

After 5 years in the financial district, a combination of my building going condo and the fact that I need a second bedroom for my new baby means it's time for new digs.

Staying in this neighborhood (not to mention photoblogging it) has been the kind of challenge that requires a level of mental commitment that makes it hard to leave. I was home on 9/11 and from my window watched the second plane fly into the south tower at the end of the street. We moved back into the building as soon as we were able (two weeks later) and each development the neighborhood has made since then has felt like a strangely personal success.

As painful as that is to leave behind, I'm excited at the promise of gaining an intimate familiarity with a new New York City neighborhood. So I'm turning in my NoBat card (see? I told you there was such a thing!) and trading my 212 for the 11222.

Old view above, new view below (another one of those sun showers).

Naturally I'll still be taking pictures. You'll have to bear with me as I adjust to my new surroundings (and finish unpacking). There'll be Williamsburg/Greenpoint pictures now and probably more East Village photos since that's only a stop away now and will probably be my starting point for walking around. I still have to commute through Lower Manhattan, so those won't disappear entirely.


dori said...

Hey Will 11222, welcome to the nabe, from dTourist 11211. I hope to see you about and about with camera in hand.

Love the downpour shots on 6th ave, btw. Great light.

Will said...

Thanks Dori, I hope we cross paths. There are definitely more photobloggers in Williamsburg than there are in the financial district so looking for the guy with the camera probably won't work, but since we're only a few blocks from each other it seems likely we'll eventually run into each other.


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