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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Format tweak

July 4th was the second anniversary of A Test of Will so I've been thinking of changes and improvements I'd like to make. The two things that bother me the most are the blog's load time and the awkward resizing of the photos.

To help with the blog's load time, I've reduced the number of displayed days to three. That means fewer photos will load when you arrive at the front. I've also tweaked the archives to show weekly instead of monthly, so if you want to go farther back than the last three days you don't have to load an entire month's worth of photos.

I'm still working on the sizing issue. Right now I take them big, upload them smaller, and then resize their display on the font page. That makes for two ugly size changes by the time it makes it to the blog. That's why sometimes the photos look a little choppy. As soon as I find the right host I hope to fix this problem as well.

UPDATE: OK, all changing the archive did was break the archive links. I think it may be too late to try to change that.

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