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Friday, July 28, 2006

Highlights from my new commute

In no particular order, sites that I pass daily and watch for progress.

I don't actually know what the plans are for the parking lot here on West Broadway. Just the other day this one got the fence. A few days later they put in the trailers. You might have to look twice, but yes, the trailers are on top of the scaffolding.

There's a lot going on on Clinton, but this one is getting close to having its face put on so I always keep an eye on it.

If I'm not mistaken, they call the building below (under construction in the background) the Jay building, presumably because it's on Jay St. in DUMBO. I cross the Brooklyn Bridge and then take surface streets through Vinegar Hill. When I pass this I usually check out the scene in front of that little coffee house. It wasn't until I read about the "Jay Building" and development of DUMBO that I realized what it was.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's J Condo actually.


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