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Friday, March 17, 2006

Memorial progress check

It is maddeningly difficult to see into Ground Zero. The best way is from the PATH train as it returns from New Jersey. It's hard to take pictures that way though.
Outlined in orange cones in the distance there is the footprint of Tower 1. Not long ago they piled gravel in the footprints so they were a little raised. That's being dug up now in the course of construction.
Below is the outline of the footprint of Tower 2. Nothing going on there yet.
These last two are from the platform. I've walked the whole thing and can't find a gap to stick my camera through so I don't have to take a picture through the mesh. The extent of construction so far is the laying of those forms along the north and west sides of the Tower 1 footprint.


Belle said...

HI. I like your blog. Being from the Midwest, I find your pictures most interesting (although my computer would like them better if they were resized smaller as they take time to upload.) Just a suggestion. Keep up the nice work.

Will said...

Hi Belle, thanks very much for that feedback. I like having the pictures nice and big, but you're right, the load time can be tough. I think part of the problem is how many photos are loading when you first come to the site. I need to figure out how to trim that back.


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