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Sunday, March 12, 2006

More photoblogging Daytona Bike Week 2006

Everything's got an edge, down to the square exhaust.

Looking toward the beach on Main Street.

Main Street

Twin V Twins (the funny thing is that one of the belt drives broke, but no problem, he just put the broken belt around his neck and drove away on the other engine.

Exhaust exits behind the seat. Not uncommon on a racing bike, but almost unheard of on a cruiser.

Walz Hardcore Cycles was on Main Street this year instead of Beach St. I was very excited to learn that they now have a base of operations in Miami. Not that I'm going to be doing any buying any time soon, but this guy is a real original and originator in terms of frame design and other features and he doesn't get much U.S. attention, so hopefully we'll see some of these bikes on the road in the near future.

This is the bike that ended up winning the Ride-in contest.

self portrait in chrome (no, not the bald guy, the other side)

Rome HOG member
Chianti HOG member
Italy well represented at bike week this year I reckon

Main Street bridge

Panhead fromunda

Single sided swing arm with separate steering mechanism.

The guy has a smoke belching dragon on the front of his bike.

More retro from Young. Crazy brake hoop (?)


Anonymous said...

I love the Walz bike. I think satin / matte finishes really class up a bike, and they're totally original.

At the show at Javits last month, I noticed a lot of the new bikes for 06 and 07 were almost entirely matte. I didn't realize how much I liked it until I saw one bike (and for the life of me, I can't remember who made it) that was black matte and copper (check it out here.

(Pic's slightly blurry but you'll get the idea)

Will said...

Hi Vinny. There's a real backlash against flashy paint jobs that's resulting in a lot of dull finish and natural metal finish bikes. I think the one you snapped is from a Staten Island shop called Mayhem Custom Cycles. I'm not really sure what "anodized" means, but it comes up often when I see this appearance described. I think it's a special treatment that allows a metal to be dyed instead of painted.

At the Easy Rider show in Daytona there were some bikini girls posing with an Exile Cycles bike called "Brown Pearl" which not only has a matte finish it has a sort of faux tarnish.


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