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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Weekend fights on the corner

This is a couple weekends ago, but it could be any weekend lately. This past Friday even Spiro the Cordato guy was out on the sidewalk.
The first fight on this particular night involved this guy in the white shirt on the corner going back to his car to get the billy club you see there in his hand.

But it was later in the evening that the real rip snorter came. It's a little hard to tell, but that circle is yelling at each other.

Here we go. Every time, at some point the "hold me back" part ends and the brawl begins.

The fellow in gray with his back to us is getting punched in the face.

The "winners" keep an innocent-looking distance. On the near corner you see the guy in gray and his friend knocked out. Actually, the friend got up on his own steam, but the guy in gray was out cold. That's the screaming girlfriend there with them, there's always at least one screaming girlfriend.

The cops finally arrive after friends of the guy in gray literally carry him into their car. The cops do the classic "up against the car!" technique. Note the corner under the Do Not Enter sign now has an overturned garbage can. Before the cops came, one girlfriend freaked out and threw the garbage down the block, then a friend freaked out and I think he broke something in front of the deli.

The cops just kept coming. I had called 911 back when the guy in gray wasn't moving. I've called 911 once before for a guy who wasn't moving. It seems only appropriate. Calling 911 never brings this many cops though. I'm thinking one of the businesses called in a panic when the fight was over there.

It's like the friggin' Blues Brothers out there.

1 comment:

stu said...

obviously they were on a dohnut run and passing close by :o)

Nice pic series, a piece of the city I never experienced (thankfully) when I was last there!!


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