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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


After taking a week off, I feel like I'm a step behind. I also took photos in Hudson Square this weekend. The irony of building five huge glass buildings within a block of each other in the span of a year is that it suddenly looks like it's the old buildings that are not in keeping with the pre-existing architecture.
Random sighting: We ran into the interior guy from Queer Eye, Tom, right under the Pao! sign. He complimented us on the coolness of the Stokke and walked into the new glass building. No, not this new glass building, the one across the street. No, not the one across the street with the warped face, the other new glass building. We lingered to see if he'd walk directly to the elevators (signifying he lives there) but instead he went to the door man to announce himself. Just visiting.

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