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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Liberty Park progress

They're making remarkable progress on the new Liberty Park. (Though I do wonder if the proximity of that sculpture -which I recognize from the loop at the end of the Holland Tunnel- to the cube will make the area look like the land of big red sculptures.)

Downtown Express reports that there are 54 honey locust trees to be planted December 1. Last I'd read, there was a lot of work to be done underground before they could do anything on the park's surface. I guess that work went quickly.

For comparison...


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Love the fence.

Anonymous said...

itz all so wonderful

stu said...

So what's the reasoning behind the park, does it have a significant purpose or is it just to beautify the inner city somewhat.

Just curious - Im in Australia so not up to scratch with these happenings :o)

Will said...

Hi Stu. This is the park across the street from where the World Trade Center stood in New York City before it was destroyed on September 11, 2001. For folks who live down here, any progress on rebuilding anything in the area is noteworthy. The "before" picture I posted for comparison is before the new construction, but not before 9/11 when the park contained some trees and probably most famously the "Double Check" sculpture.

stu said...

Ah I see, thanks for the reply, I even realise which park you are talking about now as I was in New York 9 months after 9/11 and thus I remember that area fairly well.


Anonymous said...

I must admit that I expected more of the same....however...I am actually quite pleasantly suprised at the progress they are making. I think it will be great for the neighborhood.


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